About DiveWise Equipment
DiveWise Equipment

About DiveWise Equipment

Inspired by the challenges that courageous commercial divers are facing daily, we founded DiveWise Equipment and made it our mission to provide subsea solutions through safe and innovative technologies.

With over a decade of experience as the developer of high-pressure units and robotic solutions for confined spaces, DiveWise Equipment has gained expertise in manufacturing high-quality, water-powered, equipment.

Our Cavitation Cleaning equipment and water-driven Subsea Tools are inspired, tested and approved by technical divers to assure compliance with the highest safety, performance and ergonomics standards.

In addition to these proven technologies, we are happy to share our experience and knowledge by providing custom solutions or tailored advice to your challenges. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff!


Our company culture is reflected in our products and services. Heads up, these values tend to be contagious.



Personal help, advice and a high accessibility from a friendly team



Expert knowledge, innovative and skilled



Extra safety features, trustworthy equipment



Faster cleaning with lower pressure



High quality products and low maintenance costs



The easiest way to conduct any underwater cleaning operations


Long lasting

High durability products, long relations